This might not be a popular opinion, but women are very controlling. We schedule so we can get the kids where they need to be and get ourselves to work. We schedule so we do not miss any activities. Control is natural for me. I have my life scheduled on my phone.

When I am out of my normal routine, things feel different. I am no longer in control. I have to allow another to lead. You have to trust that someone besides you has your best interest in mind when they are leading.

We do that with God too. He has a plan for our life and His plan is much better than anything we could plan, but we will not give up control of our lives. Maybe we do for a second or two, but then we pick that control back up and start running our lives again.

We want the very best for our lives and the lives of our family. We have to turn it over to God. Take your control and lay it down, literally if you have to, and do not pick it back up again. When you feel the need to control the situation, ask God for help. He will comfort you and walk you through the situation.

This might not happen the first time you give up control, but keep giving control back to the Lord. Each time you realize that you have taken back over, take a step back and give control to the Lord.

His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. God’s got this.

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