Changing My Way of Thinking

The mind can change your mood, your outlook, your demeanor, your being. The mind has so much control. Do you ever think about controlling what your mind thinks? I am sure that this is at the top of the list for the evil one. If you allow him to, he can change the way you think, making you feel unloved, unwanted, and unseen.

Realize what is happening. Breathe in positivity. This is the time to change your way of thinking. You are loved. You are wanted. You are seen. You are enough. Jesus died for you. God desires a relationship with you. God wants to walk with you daily. God has a plan for your life. And the list could go on, insert something about your relationship with God here.

Now, remember your blessings. Write them down and count them out. Whenever you feel that God is distant, look back on your list and realize that He never left you. My list is the ABCs. I have words associated with each letter of the alphabet and I recite them to remind me of God’s love and His provision in my life. Once I focus on the list, the rest of the world just fades away.

Now that we have cleaned our minds of evil – fill your mind with things of the Lord. God has a plan for your life. He has given you gifts and talents to complete that plan.

Step on the path with Him today and start walking out that plan. Ask God to reveal the plans of the evil one so you can avoid the pitfalls on your pathway. Trust in His timing. Trust in His love. God’s got this.

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