Waiting for What

Today is just not a good day for me. There are so many things on my schedule. I really have somewhere I need to be. I am not the person for that, there is someone more qualified that can do it. The Pastor does not need my help.

Recognize any or all of these. They are just a glimpse into the excuses we use to keep us from our service. We work hard for the world. We go to work every day and give our best, sometimes tackling tasks we know nothing about. We find time for that. I understand that you have to have a job. If a man does not work, he does not eat. Most jobs are about having to, not wanting to.

A job fills our bank account, but what about our spiritual bank? We can work so hard and spend so much time in the world that we deplete our spiritual bank. We have failed to keep that close relationship with the Lord. When we spend time with Him, He fills us to overflowing. When we work for Him, we receive the blessing.

We can wait until tomorrow, and tomorrow, and next week, and next month…or we can start our service today. Today is a good day to serve the Lord. You do have time in your schedule. There is nowhere that cannot wait a few moments. You are the person for that. The Pastor does need your help.

Quit putting off until tomorrow what God has called you to do today.

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