We all want our freedom. We want to say and do whatever we want. We do not want to answer to anyone, not a spouse, not a child, not a parent, no one. Realistically, we all answer to someone. The rights we think we have, really infringe on someone else.

We have been set free in Jesus Christ. He set us free from the bondage of sin. We are no longer struggling and overcome with the sin in our lives. We have a Savior that walks through life with us. He has paid the price for our freedom. This freedom is different. With this freedom, we follow. We follow the plan that God has for our lives. We want to follow. We want to serve.

We are independently dependent. We have a freedom from this world. We have a hope and a future in Jesus Christ. What freedom are you giving up by following God? The freedom that we think we have in the world. That really is not freedom.

True freedom is found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. True freedom comes from following God. Living the life that He has planned for you. That is where you will find a fullness and freedom like no other.

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