Some people have the urge to travel. To see the world. Some people have the urge to wander. To be free of the confines of this world. Still others are homebodies, loving an evening in their favorite recliners. Others could live at the office, feeling best when they are productive.

No matter where you fit, we are all bound together. Why? Because each of us is someone that God loves. We are all His children whether we want to be a follower of Christ or not. God loves you. He wants a relationship with you. So much of the time people are worried about what they have to give up to serve God. That their life will never be as good as it is right now.

The things I gave up to follow God…I guess I do not remember what they were. My life with God now is better than the life I had before. The places I go now are better than the places I have been before.

I am sure of one thing – no matter where I go – God is there. No matter where I am – I can serve Him.

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