Leave the Judging

You do not know me, but you have already judged me. You look at my outward appearance and have decided who I should be in your eyes.

Although we might not mean to, we do it all the time. Then, when that person does not live up to the expectations we have set for them, we are disappointed. All the while, this person did not even realize that they were supposed to uphold the standards we set for them.

We have to understand that this person is someone that God loves. This person is someone that God died for. This person is forgiven, just like us. We are all held to the standard of Jesus. His life is our example and when we make mistakes, we need to seek God in prayer. Forgiveness is found in God.

The next time you look at someone’s life and think they have it all together, remember that their walk with God is between them and God.

People need your grace and prayers. People need encouragement. People need to know that their service matter.

Let us lift up one another and encourage each other. Leave the judging to Jesus.

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