Waiting on You

This life goes by so fast. It feels like twenty years has passed in the blink of an eye. You meant to complete so many tasks in this twenty years. Where did the time go?

When you reach a certain age, you will slow down. When you get this much wealth, you will stop. When you accomplish – insert your goal here – then, you can spend less time working.

You have been waiting to live your life. Waiting to foster relationships. Waiting to serve the Lord. Waiting to study. Waiting to grow in your faith. Just waiting.

Your life is waiting on you. God is there. Waiting for you. He does not need your goals or accomplishments, He just wants you. You might not see a way that you can serve the Lord at this time in your life. Allow God to be the Lord of your life and He will make a way.

You can work your whole life to attain the things of this world. Then, you look up one day and life has passed you by.

Today is a good day to decide to serve the Lord. Today is a good day to start your life with God. Do not let another day pass you by. God is waiting.

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