Changing Direction

I am not sure there is anything more exciting and anxious than taking a step for God. I still get nervous of the unknown, but I know that He knows and that is enough for me to take that step. Being uncomfortable is part of working for the Lord. He pushes us beyond our capabilities so that we understand that everything is because of Him, not ourselves.

I could never be dependent on just me. Me would have never gone to the places God took me. Me would have never done the things that God has done through me. I would not be in the place that I am today, without the Lord.

Each time I feel the call to do something different, it is like a change in direction. Everything feels new and unchartered. I do not quite know what to expect. God does. He placed me on this path for a reason. I may never see the fruits of my labor this side of Heaven, but as long as I follow God, that is truly all that matters.

When God revealed to me to continue my education, I was so nervous to start college. I have been out of school for many years and really felt that I would struggle to keep up. Things have changed and there are a lot of things that I am having to learn as I go through classes, but I am not struggling. I love that my classes are Biblically based. My nervousness was unfounded. God saw the road ahead, but I did not.

Now, God has revealed another direction. Changes are coming. Here come the feelings of not knowing that lies ahead and the excitement of working for the Lord. This time more excitement than anxious.

What has God called you to do? What is holding you back? Do you like your comfortable spot and are leery of the unknown? Are you anxious about what lies ahead? Do you keep making excuses for why you cannot serve the Lord?

All of that ends today. Look at the lives of others that have stepped out in faith. What is the difference between your life and theirs? They answered the call. That is it. They are not more equipped than you. They are not working from their comfort level. They fully trust in the Lord to guide their steps.

Today is the day to fully trust the Lord.



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