There are days when the actions or inactions of others are disheartening. People seem to be so callous. What happened to love?

It is in those moments that you have to take a step back and realize that people need to see the love of Jesus. If you allow the actions of others to bring you down, then you will become callous like the world. People will no longer be able to see your light.

We can allow experiences to shape and mold us. We do not want these experiences to harden us. Christians, you are a light shining in the darkness. Know that the feelings you feel right now, someone else is feeling the same thing. Maybe the only difference is that they do not have the love of Jesus in their hearts.

When they see you walk through the same experiences as them and come out with a peace that only comes from Jesus Christ, that is a witness to their life. We will all go through times when people will let you down, people will disappoint, people will react with their flesh. Those are the moments when a relationship with Jesus is so important.

God is bigger than the disappointment of today. God is greater than the experiences we face.

Take heart and keep walking the road of faith.

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