Remember When

I grew up going to Church with my Grandmother. As a child, there was never a reason not to wear a dress, tights, and dress shoes to Church. I sat beside my grandparents and paid attention to the service. You addressed every person that spoke with you. You did not speak or move during the message or invitation. You wore pastel colors, white tights, and white shoes from Easter to Labor Day and dark colors between Labor Day and Easter.

There were a lot of rules that accompanied a trip to Church. But I had a reverence for the Lord. A reverence for the building.  A reverence for His people.

All of these rules were made by man. I understand it was time for a change, but as we let go of the church rules, we also let go of our reverence. Do we still look at the sanctuary as a place to meet with God? Do we still prepare ourselves for worship before entering the church building? Do we go to church to just have a good time?

Reverence means deep respect. Jesus died for our sins. He deserves our respect. God wants to have a relationship with you. He deserves our respect.

We do not have to follow a set of rules to have respect for the Lord. But let us get back to a time when we entered the doors of the Church expecting to meet with the Lord. Expecting to worship our Savior. Desiring to give Him our time and attention.

Give your heart and life to God today. He is waiting.

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