We all have labels. We are a daughter, mother, sister, friend, etc. We have labels that we are proud to share. I see all the grandparents on social media showing off their grandkids.

Too many people take a label and put it in a box. All of the people with this label should act this way and be this type of person. I recently saw a post using one of my labels and assigning traits to everyone with that label. At first, I was hurt. These people have never met me.

What type of society have we become that anyone that is different than us is wrong? We can no longer have differing opinions or differing labels or see the world differently. We can no longer be the unique individuals that God created us to be.

Then, I felt compassion. Compassion for a group of people I had never met. I want these people to experience love in their lives. To know true acceptance. To see that no matter our labels, we are all someone that God loves.

We are all unique. We are all different. As much as you try to shove our labels into boxes, we are not defined by that one label. We cannot be placed into a box. That is not who we were made to be. That is not what God created us for.

We were made for a purpose. We were created to make a difference in this world. That difference starts and ends with love. Love for everyone no matter the differences, no matter the labels.

Every day we should make an effort to show love. This world needs love.

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