As Christians, the way we live our lives is an example to others. People watch to see how we react to situations. People judge us based on our action or inaction or the way they feel we should have responded.

There are days when this life is frustrating. Days when your heart is so heavy for the people of this world. We will never be able to live up to the impossible standards some people have set for us.

But, there are others that are searching. They are looking. These are the people that watch you. They are looking at your life to see if what you have, a life with Jesus, is something they want for their lives.

All we can do is walk the life that the Lord has set before us. Build our relationship with the Lord. Answer the call that He has placed on our lives.

Maybe all of this makes you uncomfortable. Think about this. If one person looks at your life and wants to know more about Jesus, just one, all of the uncomfortableness is worth it.

If one person sees the Christian life we walk and wants that for their life, it is worth it.

Live your life as an example of the love of Jesus.

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