Sometimes I feel that I live my life on repeat. I keep saying the same things over and over again.

Jesus loves you.

Jesus died for you.

He desires a relationship with you.

He is waiting for you.

Today is a good day to serve the Lord.

The other day, I was thinking that I might ought to say something different. Maybe people are getting tired of hearing these words.

And then the Lord stepped in. See this is not about me. Not about what I think. It is about what the Lord wants me to do. It is about His message, His love, His sacrifice.

Someone needs to hear these words. Someone, somewhere today has forgotten or has never known the love of Jesus. Someone is looking for fulfillment. Someone is waiting to hear about salvation.

If you are that someone, God loves you. He has loved you and will continue to love you. Know that you are not alone in this world. God is waiting.

As for me, I will keep telling you about God’s love every day. Until the whole world hears. Today is a good day to serve the Lord.

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