For The Love

Six years ago, we adopted a Great Dane from a rescue. When we got her home, she was very uncomfortable and apprehensive around us. Her living situation before we adopted her was not the best. You could see the pain and heartbreak in her eyes. I made the decision right then that her remaining years would be filled with love and security.   

There are so many people in this world that their current situation or circumstances are not the best. They are experiencing pain and heartbreak. They know loneliness. They are just surviving.

God wants so much for your life. I understand that making that choice to fully rely on someone other than yourself is uncomfortable. You have seen your world crumble so many times that you are apprehensive to try to walk with God.

God loves you. He wants you to thrive. He wants you to live a fulfilled life with Him. I can guarantee that if you make this choice, the remaining years of your life will be filled with love and security.

A life with God does not mean that you will not experience hard times. It means that you will have a Savior to walk through those times with you. You will have a Lord that tells you to cast your burdens on Him. To find rest in Him.

This life is a love that is so complete, so awe-inspiring, that the bad days are not so bad, and the good days are even better. This life is worth it. Make the choice to follow God today.

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