Grace is the unmerited favor of God. Grace is something that we do not deserve, but it freely given. We cannot earn it, we cannot work for it.

According to my family, I might be the worst gift receiver. I am great at giving gifts, but not great at receiving them. I understand the concept of grace, but I still want to do something to prove I am worthy of such a gift. Unfortunately, I will never be able to prove that. I am not worthy, but He gave it anyway.

I will gladly work for the Lord for the remainder of my days, because of grace. A grace that I want the world to know about. A grace that I want the world to experience. A grace that is desperately needed.

Maybe my words will not reach the entire world, but I will never quit trying. God is worth every word, every action, every ministry, every heart touched.

How many people who have experienced grace in their lives extend grace to others. You want the world to experience the grace of God, show them the grace of God.

Grace, amazing grace.

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