Next Right Thing

There are days, weeks, months that we do not see the fruits of our labor for the Lord. We feel as though we are not making a difference. We must not be the right person for the job.

I had a situation where I apologized to God for not making the difference that I know He wanted me to make. For not completing the job He had laid before me. I felt I had failed. When, I walked away.

Maybe the situation did not turn out like I expected it, but I see now the seeds that were planted. I may never see those seeds bloom, but I rest in the assurance of His word and know that it is all in His timing.

When you cannot see the road again, keep the faith. When you do not see light in the darkness, keep walking. When the darkness is trying to overcome your light, keep doing the next right thing.

Keep working for the Lord. Keep moving forward. Even when you cannot see, seeds are being planted. Even when you do not think that your life makes a difference, it absolutely does.

God sees and knows the struggles that you face. He is walking right beside you. You are never invisible to Him. You are never alone.

Maybe this season of your life is tough. Keep walking. Maybe this situation that you are facing seems discouraging. Keep walking. Maybe the valley you are in seems never-ending. Keep walking. Maybe you feel as though no one is listening. Keep walking.

Your work for the Lord will never be in vain. Keep doing the next right thing.

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