There is beauty all around us. God’s magnificent creation. When winter gives way to spring. New life peeks through the bark of the trees. The grass waves with the breeze. The ground covered in a rainbow of colors. It is as though nature wakes from its slumber. All things become new.

This is the same with our lives. When we accept Jesus as our personal Savior, we wake from the ways of the world and we become a new creation in Christ. Our relationship with Him brings new growth.

Most of us have stayed inside through the wintertime and curtailed our outdoor adventures and travel. But when spring comes, people begin to emerge from their hibernation and enjoy the outdoors once again.

When we walk with God, we leave our comfortable spot and venture out into the world telling others about Christ. We walk in the Son shine.

If you want to see a miracle, walk outside. Look around. See what God has made. See how He has protected the environment during a time that would cause destruction. If nature did not go dormant, it would not survive the harsh conditions of winter. God has a plan for nature.

God has a plan for your life as well. He protects you from destruction that you never even see. As your faith grows, you see these stumbling blocks and pitfalls. The Lord guides you around or over them.

What a wonderful Savior we have who cares for the birds of the air and the leaves on the trees. Why do we worry about our lives when we know that He loves us more than nature? He cares for you and wants the best for your life.

Allow Him to guide your steps and walk in the beauty of His creation.

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