Anybody Listening

There are days when you feel that your words have been carried off in the wind. No one seems to have listened to anything you have said.

I think this is why we keep things to ourselves. If you do not feel that people are listening when life is going well, then why would they listen when things are falling apart. The evil one has succeeded in secluding us.

We are now left to handle adversity ourselves.

I get it. People get so caught up in their own lives that sometimes, we forget to listen. Or we think we can multitask while someone is speaking and instead they just feel that they were not heard. We have become such a technological society that you rarely see a person without a phone in their hand. When that phone sounds, it is almost instinctive to check and see the notification.

Technology is a good thing. You can now send anything across the globe in a matter of seconds. But it can also be your biggest distraction to human interaction.

It does not have to be this way. It starts with us. Each one of us can be the listener that we want in our lives for someone else. Be their champion. Be their encourager. Be the person that God wants you to be.

Lead by example. As people watch what you are doing, they will see the importance of active listening with no distractions.

Listen more – distract less.

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