Get What You Give

I have always heard the saying, ‘you get out of it, what you put into it’. I have not seen an instance where that was not true. When you work to complete a task, you feel very accomplished when that task is completed. Whether anyone else notices or not, you feel good about the work you have done.

The same goes for relationships. All relationships take work. Let me say that again, ALL relationships take work. A marriage will not work if it is one-sided. If only one person is working and giving, it leads to discord in the relationship. If you do not put your time, effort, and attention into your relationships, then it should not surprise you when friendships and family grow distant.

This is the same for our relationship with the Lord. You want a close relationship with Him, you have to put forth the effort. You want to walk daily by His side, you have to put in the work. Once you get that close relationship, then you have to work at keeping it close.

Some of you are saying that your relationship with God is just fine. Let me put it this way, what if God gave you as much time as you gave Him, how would your relationship be? This is not just a call on Him in times of trouble relationship, it is an every day walk with Jesus.

I will never feel that I am doing enough for Him. He gave everything for me. He gave everything for you too. I strive daily to be better than I was the day before. To walk with Him. To grow my relationship with Him. To seek His guidance. To be in His will. To walk the path that He has for me.

What you get out of this relationship is a fullness, a sense of peace and contentment that only comes from God. A life where you know that no matter where the road takes you, God is already there. He is preparing the way.

Love Jesus with your whole heart and see the difference it makes.

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