Everywhere you look things are changing and evolving in order to stay relevant. Electronics are always updating in order to be the “latest” technology. Movies and TV remake and revamp shows to stay with the latest trends. Stores rework and repackage items in order to keep them refreshed.

The world is sending us a message. New is the best. The latest is the greatest. Never be satisfied.

The Word of the Lord is over 2,000 years old. The greatest book ever written is not the newest or latest book. The Bible is your life guide. The teachings of Jesus will never go out of style. The Bible is relevant in our lives every single day.

You can find contentment in the Lord. You can find peace with Jesus. You can find love with God. He is the same, yesterday, today and forever more. His love never changes.

You want to be refreshed. You want to be renewed. You want the best for your life. That is a life with God. Walking with Him day by day. A life filled to overflowing. A life satisfied.

Jesus asks you to come as you are. He does not look at your clothes, your technology, your vehicle. He looks at your heart. Bring yourself to Jesus. Right now. There is no better time. Ask Jesus into your heart. Accept His gift of salvation. Open your heart to Him.

Do not worry about what the world thinks. Rely on God for your direction. Walk with Him on the path that He has chosen for your life. Stay relevant in God’s eyes.

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