What if we were honest? Honest about the struggles we are facing right now. Honest about the valleys we have walked through. Honest about our journey to find the Lord.

There are days that we mask our pain because we think others just simply would not understand. Are there times when you felt that other Christians were not approachable to talk with about your struggles? People see only a small portion of our lives, what we allow them to see. They look at your life and think you have everything figured out, but really you are crying on the inside.

If we were honest, we all have a past. We have all experienced situations that we would not want to walk through again. If we were honest, we have all struggled in our relationship with the Lord. We have all experienced situations in our Christian walk when we detoured off of the plan He has for our lives.

If you are currently facing struggles, you are not alone. This is the time to lean into God and lean on other Christians. True believers are there to listen and pray with and for you. They are approachable. They might not have experienced the same situation or circumstance that you are currently walking through, but they know struggle. They know the power of God.

Do not walk through this life alone. You have a God that loves you. A God that wants a relationship with you. He knows everything you have done and everything you will do and still loves you. He has placed Christians in your life for a reason. These are your people.

Bring your struggles to God. Be honest with Him and allow Him to carry your load.

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