Revive Us

At the beginning of the year, I said that this was the year of revival. I still believe that to be true. As a Christian, you cannot sit back and expect to be revived without any work on your part.

It takes effort to have a relationship with Jesus. When you are on fire for the Lord, you do not just go to church on Sunday mornings and live life on your own terms the rest of the week. Revival starts with you.

I am allowing God to change and mold my life. If I want revival, then I have to be willing to be revived. I have to surrender my will and follow Him. I have to seek Him in the little stuff as well as the big stuff.

You want to see real change, move to a different pew in church. Your pew is comfortable. With your pew, you know what to expect. The seat is even formed to fit you. But when you move, you become uncomfortable. You see the church from a different point of view. You sit in a seat that does not know you.

This is what working for the Lord feels like. Putting yourself in uncomfortable places so that He can make a way. You have just taken a step out for the Lord. Moving your seat has put you next to people that you would not normally sit with and gives you an opportunity to make new friendships and talk about the love of Jesus.

It sounds really simple. But so many people have a tough time with that one decision. Revival starts with one step, one decision. Then another and then another. Pretty soon you are relying on Him for everything and allowing God to guide your life. Basing all of your decisions on His will for your life.

This week, I challenge you to move seats at church. Different churches have different schedules so whatever your schedule is, each time you go to church this week, pick a different seat. If you do not know the people sitting around you, introduce yourself. Let us all take this one step for the Lord together.

Be revived during the year of revival.

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