Last Day

If today were your last day, what would you do? Would you act differently towards people? Would you show more love? Would you spend today telling the world about Jesus?

Tomorrow is not promised, but we live like it is. We live like we have an abundance of time. I will get to that tomorrow, but tomorrow comes and we put it off another day. We have trained our minds to think that time is plentiful and somehow, we can make as much of it as we want.

That is simply not true. Time is precious. Every second of every day matters. How you choose to spend it matters. Our time is important because there is a world full of people that are looking for a Savior. We have the answer to their questions.

If we squander away our time today, how many people could we have reached for Jesus. If we think that time is plentiful and come to our last day, will we have regrets? Will we still have a list of people who God has placed on our hearts, that we never spoke to?

Live like today is your last day.

Love more.

Forgive more.

Laugh more.

Hug more.

Pray more.

Praise more.

Today is the day to start living your life on purpose. The world is waiting.

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