We can get so comfortable with our lives that we get stuck. We have the same routine, the same outcomes, the same schedule. We do not realize what is going on until something shakes us. God tells us to step outside of our routine. God points us in a different direction. Now, all of the sudden, we are in unchartered territory. We do not know what will happen and we cannot see the road ahead. Most of the time, we tell God that we can work for Him where we are currently without ever having to be uncomfortable.

I had worked at a job for many years. I did not realize it, but I was miserable. Let me clarify that it was not the job itself, but the circumstances that brought me misery. I knew that I had grown stagnant in my work for the Lord. I worked for the Lord every day, but my fire was burnt out. Yet, when God told me to move, I was originally hesitant because I was comfortable in my misery. I knew this routine, knew what to expect, knew what was going to happen. I had a great group of friends, and I was comfortable.

As I took the step to leave this job, I did not know what was going to happen. That one step led me places and brought changes into my life that I could have never imagined. My fire burns bright now. I did not realize how miserable I was and how it affected my health until I left. I did not realize how full of Christ my life could be until I left. Moving outside of my comfort zone was not easy, but it was so worthwhile. I miss my friends, but this step was necessary in my walk with God.

Do not allow yourself to get so comfortable that you accept misery as a fact of life. It is not. God wants to do amazing things through you, if you will allow Him. A fulfilling life is out there waiting for you. A life where you grow in your relationship with the Lord. Where you live uncomfortably.

Today is the day to start your journey. Take that step with Him.

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