Mary Mother’s Day

Today, I think about Mary. She bore a pain that no mother should ever have to bear. She watched her son be beat and hung on the cross. She watched Him, in agonizing pain, slowly die. She wept for the loss of her son.

Her son did not stay in that tomb. He resurrected and is alive today. He was not only her son, but her Savior.

This Mother’s Day, I think about what Mary would want. I think she would want the sacrifice of her son not to be in vain. That all of the pain and heartache she endured not be wasted. That the ministry of Jesus carries on for generations to come.

Maybe today, you are not celebrating Mother’s Day. Your Mother has passed from this life or maybe your relationship is strained. Today is still a day to celebrate.

Celebrate a young Mary that said “yes” to being the mother of our Savior.

Celebrate the legacy that your Mother left behind.

Celebrate the prayer warriors who pray for all of God’s children.

Celebrate your support system – aunts, cousins, friends, that have helped to shape the lives of your children.

Celebrate the Church workers that teach Jesus Christ to all children.

Celebrate all of the women in your life.

If you have the ability, celebrate with your Mother today.

Walk into a Church somewhere this morning with a humble heart. Be ready to receive the message from the Lord. Turn your life over to Jesus Christ. Allow Him to not only be your Savior, but your Lord, guiding you day by day.

What do I want this Mother’s Day? To see the fruits of your labor. Walk in truth today.

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