Walking with God

Walking with God day by day. Is that difficult? Is it hard to stay on the path with Him? We battle against the flesh every day. Each day, we make a choice whether we are going to follow Him or live for ourselves. Those are the only two options. If you are not walking with God, you are living for self.

I can hear you saying that you did not choose to live for self today, it just happened. I understand that. We have all had those days, but that was still your choice. I have had those days. The first thing that goes wrong and I fall apart. Before I know, the majority of the day has passed me by, and I have not spoken to anyone about the love of God. Although it is never easy to hear, I have to accept that I made the choice to give in to the enemy that was trying to knock me off of the path.

How do we stay close to God? We have to work on our relationship every day. Read His Word, pray, and stepping out in faith for Him. Your faith grows with each step. Your spiritual maturity grows. Your relationship grows.

Now, when the enemy tries to move you, you will just keep walking. You realize that true peace is found in the Lord. You realize that true contentment, true fulfillment, true joy is found in the Lord. This world does not have anything that can compare to a relationship with the Lord.

Start your day in prayer. Ask God to give you an awareness of the enemy’s plans against you so you can recognize and avoid them. Then let your light shine bright so that the world can see the love of Jesus.

Today is the day to walk with the Lord.

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