In The Dark

Through our Christian walk, there are times where we walk in darkness. We have taken our eyes off of Jesus. We have failed to answer the call placed on our lives. We have refused to walk with Him. You might think that when you turn down Jesus that you are still walking in His way. That is simply not true. The moment you deny the pull of Christ, you have stepped off of the path He has for your life. You are now walking in darkness.

It does not seem dark at first, but the further you walk down this path, the more confusing and frustrating life becomes. You can no longer hear God and you wonder where He has gone. God never leaves us, we leave Him. He is still in the same place you left Him grieved over you. Wanted you to come back to Him.

You cannot find your way back without repentance. Repenting takes a humble heart. A heart that can admit when it is wrong and sees the need for a Savior. A heart that desires a relationship with Him. Pride has no place in a relationship with God. Humbleness is the way. Brokenness is beautiful.

If you are a wanderer, it is time to come home. Home to a Savior that loves you. Home to a God that takes care of you. Home where peace is plentiful, and love is everlasting. It is time.

You have wandered long enough. Do not walk in the dark any longer. God is waiting, waiting for you.

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