On Purpose

Why does it take losing something to appreciate it? Why are our eyes opened to our shortcomings when we deal with the shortcomings of others? You realize you were/are not the best neighbor when you are dealing with a situation with a neighbor. You realize you were/are not the best at friendship when dealing with a situation with a friend.

Recognize and appreciate what is right in front of you. God places people in our lives for a purpose. See those people around you, those are your support system. Recognize that you are their support system too.

Life is hard and it would be even harder if we did not have others to walk with us. God made us for fellowship both with Him and with others. Does that fellowship only extend on Sundays? Are we a different person the other six days of the week?

There are those that have a heart for hospitality. They love entertaining and taking care of others. They see the need before most others do. They respond to those around them. God has given you an amazing gift.

For the rest of us, maybe we have to work at it a little harder. Recognize that those around us need our support. Respond in love when situations arise. Realize that everyone is someone that God loves. That God is leading. That God is molding. That God is working on.

Your Brothers and Sisters are walking a path. They are doing through all of the same things you are on your path. Encourage and lift one another up. Be their cheering section. Celebrate with them on the mountain tops.

Live each day on purpose. Make a difference.

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