To be loved by God is amazing.

To feel the love of God in your life is amazing.

To accept the free gift of salvation is amazing.

To step out in faith for God is amazing.

To answer the call God has placed on your life is amazing.

To walk with God daily is amazing.

To see another person accept salvation is amazing.

To be filled with the Spirit to bubbling over is amazing.

To feel a touch from the Lord is amazing.

The Lord is amazing. His sacrifice. His love. His pathway. I think everyone would agree that having something amazing in your life is extremely worthwhile. A life with God is not just one amazing thing, but an amazing life.

What is holding you back from this amazing experience? What is currently in your way? For the most part, we hold ourselves back. Our schedule is not as busy as we think it is. Our life is not as complicated as we believe it is. We are not as unprepared as we think we are. We will never be good enough to earn our spot.

Whatever has you held back, now is the time to let go. Let go of the negative thoughts. Let go of the things of this world. Let go.

One step towards amazing – take it.

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