I’m Sorry

Two words. Well three if you separate the contraction. How many times do we say I’m sorry, but and try to justify our mess up. We feel the need to explain ourselves. If they knew why we did what we did, then they would understand. That, somehow, an explanation makes things better.

Does our reasoning really matter? Does it lessen our apology to explain? The reason why we did or did not do something is extremely less important than our remorse to the person affected. When we use a but, it tends to cancel our apology.

When we ask forgiveness for our sins, do we try to explain to God why we sinned? Do we somehow think that God will be more forgiving if He knew? He knows. Whatever reasoning that you have, He knows your heart. He already knows why it happened. He does not need an explanation.

He wants your humbleness. He wants your repentance. He wants your remorse. It is hard to be humble when you are justifying yourself. True forgiveness comes from a humble heart. A humble heart does not reason or make excuses. A humble heart accepts shortcomings and works to do better. A humble heart seeks forgiveness.

Just give your apology and leave it there. Seek true forgiveness.

I am sorry.

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