I already can hear you saying that this blog is not for you. You have no desire to start or lead a ministry. Sorry, but if you are a Christian, then you already are. That is right. Your life is a ministry. It is either leading people to Christ or leading people away from Christ.

If you claim to be a Christian, people watch you. They look to see how you live your life, not the words you say. They want to see if your life is different from theirs. If what they heard about a Christian life is true. If your life does not look different from their life, then they have no desire to look into Christianity further.

I understand that you are basically a good person. You try not to break any laws. You try to treat others like you want to be treated. You work have to provide for your family. What else do you need? While all of those things are good, which part of that points the way to Christ?

When we step outside of what is normal and comfortable in our lives, we show others the power of God. They see a loving God that protects, guides, and provides. They see a peace in the midst of the storm. They see a difference. A difference that they want in their lives as well.

People notice that you talk different, life different, are different. They see that the person you were before has changed.

Let me break it down. Ministering is attending to the needs of others. The biggest need others have is salvation. If your life points the way to Christ, it plants the seed for people to dig deeper into Christianity. It also helps them know that they can come to you when they have questions about Christ. Ministering is representing Jesus Christ. Your life is a representation of the life of Jesus. He is our example of how to live. Ministry is doing the Lord’s work. When we point the way to Jesus, we are doing the Lord’s work. The first commission is to tell others about Jesus. When we live a life for Christ, His love shows to others.

There you have it. Your life is a ministry. You are a walking testimony to others. What you decide to do with that ministry is up to you.

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