In a world full of heartache and pain, He is good. In a world full of hate and stress, He is love. If we spend too much time looking at the condition of our world, it will break your heart. The hurting, the pain, the frustration. Our world needs love. Our world needs Jesus.

We can make a difference. That difference starts with you. If you have never accepted Jesus as your personal Savior, today is the day. If you have never followed Jesus and trusted Him with your life, today is the day. If you have fallen away from the Lord, today is the day to come back. If you have never answered the call on your life, today is the day.

Our first step after that is to pray. Pray for our leaders, neighbors, the lost, our world. A place shaking, spirit filled prayer for change. You want the mountain to move, pray about it. You want the world to change, pray about it.

The next step is to love people like Jesus. Put your Jesus glasses on and look at the world through the eyes of the Lord. See that every person you come into contact with is someone that Jesus loves. Show them love, even if they do not show it in return. Show peace, even if you do not receive peace in return. They need a relationship with Jesus and by showing them love, you point the way to Christ.

Now, tell others about the saving grace of Jesus Christ. You may be the only Christian that some people will ever see. Tell them about Jesus. Talk to them about the love of God. Walk the walk of a life with God. Let your testimony be in how you live your life. Let the world look at you and see Jesus.

Are you ready to make a difference? Are you ready to see real change? Are you ready for revival?

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