Empty Words

If I have no passion in my service and no love for Jesus and others, then these words are empty.  They have no meaning. If I only profess with my mouth and do not believe in my heart, my words are empty. If I do not have love, my words profit nothing. I can put as many words as I want out there, but they will be void.

Apart from the Lord, I can do nothing. If I want my words to have meaning. If I want my words to be powerful. If I want my words to not return void, then my words have to be the words from the Lord. Words that enrich a life. Words that point the way to Jesus. Words that tell others about the love of Jesus.

I can fill my life with things. I can say all of the right words. I can look like a Christian. But God does not look at that. God sees my heart. If I do not follow His leadership. If I do not have Him in my heart. If I do not allow His direction and not my own, then everything I have done is empty.

That means that I have to bend to His will. I have to follow His path. More than that, I want to follow the Lord. I want the Lord’s will for my life. I want everything I do to point to Him. It is not about me, it is about what He can do through me. It is about reaching people for Him. Telling others about the love of Jesus Christ.

If your life is feeling hollow. If your words are ringing empty. If you are wondering what you are doing wrong, turn your eyes upon Jesus. Find a place to pray and submit your life to His will. Turn over control to the One who loves you more than you could ever love yourself. The One that has a plan and calling on your life. The One who can fill your life with love and passion.

Today is the day to start over. Today is the day to follow the Lord. Trust Him and know that nothing is impossible with God.

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