Never Ever

We have all said it. I will never ever do that…and then we did. Why do we do that to ourselves? Especially in our service to the Lord. We put ourselves in this box. Inside the box are all the things we feel confident we can accomplish. Things we think we are good at. We like this box. There are no surprises inside of the box.

I will never ever speak in front of a crowd, I will never ever share my writing with anyone, I will never ever pray in public. These are just a few of my never evers. If I had never followed God, never stepped out in faith, then I would never have known the fullness and joy I receive from all three.

Think about that, if you never step outside of the box, you will never know the fullness and joy you will receive from following God. Is it worth it? Absolutely! I do not know where this road will take me, but I know the One prepared the way and that is enough.

The Lord has a plan for your life. This life is full of uncomfortable places. God takes you places you never thought you could go so He can show you what you can accomplish through you. Do you trust Him? If you answered, yes, then what is holding you back from following Him?

Today is the day to start your walk with God. If you have stepped off of the path, then today is the day to get back on track with God. There is no better day than today and no better time than right now to make a decision for the Lord.

Then you can say I will never ever say no to following God.

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