Powerful Love

My heart is heavy today. For all of those standing in need of prayer. For all of those standing in need of a Savior. For all of those who are hurting. My heart is heavy today.

Being part of this fellowship of believers, I find myself adding names to my prayer list of people I have never met. I pray earnestly for people I do not know. All of these people are important to God, and they are important to me as well.

That is one of the things I love about Christianity. There is a whole network of people to love, fellowship and pray with. People who have the same desires that I do. People who do not care about your social class or denomination, just your service for the Lord.

People who will stand in one accord in prayer for any person in this world. People who have a burden to pray for others.

I may not see the road ahead, but I know that God is already there making a way for you and me. He is working everything out for our good. He has a plan and a purpose for your life. He is just waiting on you to make the choice to follow Him.

It is not a burden to carry the load of those that need prayer. It is a privilege to carry that load to God in prayer. It is an honor to be a tiny part of your journey. My heart is full of love for those I have never met.

That is the power of the love of God.

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