I do not feel worthy of the sacrifice Jesus made for me. What love was shown to the entire world when Jesus willing went to the cross and sacrificed Himself for us. A love that desires a relationship with you. A love that wants to spend eternity with you. That is humbling.

There are so many people in the world that love like Jesus. They accept you and love you. They see the best in you. They cheer for your successes and support you in your valleys.

I am loved so completely that I want to be the person that Jesus and others see in me. I want to walk the path that God has for me. I want to serve.

I want to tell the world about the love of Jesus. I want everyone to be loved like that. I want every person to experience the fullness of life that comes from walking with God.

I am humbled by a love that went to the cross for me. I am humbled by a Savior that wants a personal relationship with me. I am humbled by True Believers that love like Jesus.

You do not have to walk through this life alone. You have done nothing to deserve it, but Jesus died for you. You cannot repay it or earn it. Salvation is a gift, freely given. What happens next is up to you.

If you have accepted the gift of salvation, but have wandered away from God, it is time to come home. He is waiting.

The love of God is humbling. It truly changes you.

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