There are days when you feel like you are just going through the motions. You have clicked the auto pilot button on life and are coasting. I get it. This world is tough. Being a laborer for the Lord is not easy.

Maybe your newest book has not sold any copies, your Sunday School class never pays attention, your sermon never gets an amen, your work for the Lord does not seem to be making an impact.

It is easy to grow weary. The stumbling blocks of the evil get harder to step over. This is the point where you have to dig in and push through. The evil one would not be working so hard to discourage you if you were not making a difference for God.

This side of Heaven, we will not know the full measure of the impact we have made. Just because you do not hear or see the feedback does not mean that the seed has not been planted. Trust in the One who has the plan. He knows exactly what needs to happen and when.

Know that your service does not go unnoticed. God sees you. He knows you are weary. Find rest in Him. Be revived in the Lord.

This world needs laborers. This world needs you. Click the auto pilot off and get back to serving with your whole heart. Quit going through the motions and put some emotion in your service.

God’s got this and God’s got you.

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