In The Moment

We tend to schedule our lives. We set aside this time to go to work. This time for family activities. This time for shopping. This time to worship the Lord. Is there any room left in your schedule?

I am like that too. I have my prayer time scheduled. My writing time scheduled. My study time scheduled. While those are good traits to make these things a habit, it can lead us to be comfortable.

When we get in that comfort zone, what happens when God calls us in the moment? Talk to this person. Write this blog. Record this video. Do we respond by saying that it is not our scheduled time for that or do we answer the call?

Even in service, we can become complacent. Our yearning and working for the Lord can diminish.

We need to be careful that even if we schedule our service that we still work to keep our relationship with the Lord close and stay open to responding in the moment.

People do not accept salvation on your schedule. People do not only need encouragement on your schedule. People do not need you on your schedule. They need you to show the love of Jesus every moment.

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