Bitter Blessed

I think all of us have had situations that we have had to walk through. Things that have the ability to shake our foundation. Situations that could have made us bitter. Things we might be holding tight to today as the reason we do not serve the Lord.

While there are parts of my life that I would never want to walk through again, I know that all situations, good or bad, have molded me into the person that I am today. There are times when I would like to sit down and pity myself, but I know that will not change anything. I do not want to be stuck in my past, so I keep moving forward.

We can allow the world to drag us down. We can be bitter about our situation, circumstances, or our past. We can allow ourselves to stay in the messiness of it all. What does that benefit? Bitterness not only affects you mentally, but also physically. Bitterness ruins relationships and steals your joy. Are you stuck today?

Realize that your Heavenly Father is working everything out for your good. Maybe you doubt His goodness because of your struggles. Know that He loves you. He has not given up on you even if you have given up on yourself. He sees your struggle and He wants to help. Reach out to Him today and see the difference that it makes in your life.

I choose to focus on the good. I choose to believe in a calling greater than myself. I choose to look for the blessings.

You can choose that too. Evict bitterness from your life today. Focus on the blessings.

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