Beauty of Today

There are blessings in each day. There is beauty in every day. Lord, help us to focus on the good and know that you will take care of the rest. Help us to see the blessings, to see the beauty, to feel your love.

In this world, we will experience hard times, we will have difficult days, but with You by our side, we can walk through anything. You have overcome the world. You have stood against evil. Nothing is impossible with You.

When times get hard, help us to count our blessings. When times are joyful, help us to be thankful. When we stray, help us to find our way back to You. When we take a step out for You, give us peace on our journey.

Let us be thankful and grateful to a God that loves us so much, He wants to have a relationship with us. Thankful that He made a way for us to spend eternity in Heaven with Him. Grateful that we woke up this morning and get to spend another day serving our Lord. Thankful that we get to go to Church. Grateful that we get to fellowship with one another. Thankful that every person has the opportunity to accept the free gift of salvation. Grateful that He chose us.

The true beauty of today is found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Thank you Lord.

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