Prayer Warrior

Are you a prayer warrior? God intends for all of us to be prayer warriors so you can quit shaking your head no. I had never really thought of myself as a prayer warrior until someone told me I was. I was stuck on the man-made qualifications of what a prayer warrior was and not what God intended for it to be.

So let me just ask – do you have a heart for others? Do you pray earnestly for others? Do you put God’s will above your own will? Do you seek Him in prayer on a regular basis? Do you read and study His Word? Do you repent of your sins daily? Do you place your confidence in Jesus Christ?

This is what it takes to be a prayer warrior. Prayer warriors love others and pray for others. Most of the time, they are praying for people they have never met. Prayer warriors are persistent. They do not pray once for something and then forget about it, they have a consistent prayer life, praying for that one thing until God answers the prayers. Prayer warriors seek His will above their own. They know that God’s will is best, and they trust that He will make a way where there is not one. Prayer warriors grow their relationship with God. They read and study the Bible and grow closer to God. Prayer warriors are humble. They know that apart from God, they can do nothing, but with God all things are possible.

Every person out there is equipped to be a prayer warrior. We have a direct line to God in prayer. It is up to us how we use or how much of it we use. Realize today that your prayers are powerful because you are praying to the One that can change hearts and lives.

Get your quiet place set up. It is time to fight your battles through prayer. You are a prayer warrior.

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