Faith without works is dead. That is a bold statement. What does it really mean? Before I began working for the Lord, I did little with my faith. I prayed and walked with God occasionally when it fit in my schedule. I did nice things for others every once in a while. Mostly, my life was about me and what I had going on at that moment.

Then, I realized what I was missing. I was missing a relationship with the Lord. Daily walking with my Savior. When I started an active relationship with God, my faith grew. I was more fulfilled with every step I took. I work on the Lord’s schedule not mine. I have a burden for others, a love for people I have never met.

Faith without works will not grow. You will not experience the fullness of God in your life without service. God has amazing things planned for your life. A life that you would never dream is possible.

We are all given a measure of faith to be saved by. After that, it is up to us what we do with that faith. We can leave it the same and only have our salvation. We can choose to grow our faith and walk daily by our Savior’s side.

If there is no service in your years, then your faith is stagnant. Put years into your service. Watch what the Lord can do through you. You do not have to be qualified to be called. All the Lord asks for is that you be willing. Allow God to move in your life and the lives of others.

I will show you my faith by my works. What a difference.

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