Time To Come Home

Have you wandered away? Are you so far from God that you no longer hear His voice? Do you sit in a pew every Sunday, but never really hear the messages?

You have strayed away and have never found a place to turn around. There was never a moment that you felt you were good enough to come back to God. The shame, the embarrassment has kept you away.

If any of this sounds like your story, it is time to come home. It is time to change the direction of your life. God is waiting. Waiting for you to want a relationship with Him. Waiting for you.

He cares for you. He left the ninety-nine to look for you. He rejoices when you come home. There is nothing you can tell Him that He does not already know. He still wants you to come home.

Home is where you are accepted. Home is where you are loved. Home is not a place, it is a feeling. When you have a close relationship with God, you are home.

Quit running. Quit making excuses. It is time to turn around. It is time to come home.

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