We were not drawn into a relationship with God to sit still. If we had no other call in our lives except salvation, then the Lord would have taken us to Heaven the minute we accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior. No, we were left here for a purpose.

The first purpose if to tell others about Jesus. We cannot do that if we look like the world. People are searching for something. If they look at you and can see a difference, then they are more willing to listen when you speak. If they see your peace and your light, then they will want what you have.

How do we shine our light? We have to stand for God. That includes work, home, out with friends. Anywhere you go, you are called to be Christ like. Not just at Church, not just on Sunday and Wednesday. This is 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You are called.

Taking a stand for God can be uncomfortable. God did not call you to comfortable places. He calls you out because it is not about what you can do, it is about what God can do through you. That is where peace comes. Peace that surpasses all understanding only comes from God. I have been in some very uncomfortable situations, but this peace washes over me, and I cannot fully explain how much it means to have His peace.

Once you have stood up, do not back down. Stand for what is right, what is just. Stand for the Lord. My faith is who I am, and I will not separate myself from my faith. I have been in situations where I was asked to do just that, and it is in that moment that a decision has to be made. Will I stand for God, or will I blend into the world? Am I willing to accept whatever comes my way by standing? My answer is always to stand. What will your answer be?

Will the true believers in Christ please stand and remain standing?

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