Leave It To Faith

By nature, we are planners. We plan the next week, year, 5 years, 10 years out. We have it all laid out. What if we are called during our 5-year plan to do something different for the Lord? Will we make time and change our plan or will we reason that we can get to that in the next 5-year plan? So much of the time, it is the latter.

Sorry, my week has already been scheduled out and I do not see a place in it to serve the Lord. Your plan is better than His plan is essentially what you are saying. I know I said in Church Sunday that I wanted to be more obedient, but today is Monday and work is busy. You will be obedient on your schedule, not God’s. Then you get frustrated when your plans do not work out the way you thought they should.

Sound familiar? God has to be the center of your life. Church, work, home and everything in between. God has to be in it all. Maybe that means that your job has to change. Maybe that means that your priorities have to shift focus. Maybe that means that you have to give up control.

Whatever God has called you to do, today is the day to start on that path. Now is the appointed time. Whether you think so or not, God is waiting on you. Waiting for you to take a stand for Him. Waiting for you to live your life according to the Word. Waiting for you to not just claim to be a Christian, but to be a true believer in Him.

We have to be willing to bend, willing to be molded, willing to serve. Take out your eraser and let go of your plans. Know that His plan for your life is best and trust in Him.

Where will I be in 5 years? I do not know, but I do know that I will be serving God.

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