Blame Game

When life goes wrong or things mess up, we immediate look for someone to blame. It has to be someone’s fault. If we can blame, then somehow it lessens the situation. We feel vindicated knowing that we have found the person responsible and this will never happen again.

On some level, we know that none of that matters. Finding someone to blame only fractures relationships. It changes how we view that person and how they view us. Punishing the person responsible will not make the situation better, easier or keep it from happening again.

When there are multiple people involved, then all must share in the failures and successes. You do not get to eliminate someone because of mistakes. If God disqualified everyone who made a mistake from salvation, then none of us would get into Heaven.

We all mess up. We all desire grace for our mistakes. If we want grace, then we need to extend grace to others. If we want forgiveness, then we need to extend forgiveness to others. We should all strive to sin less each day, but we will never be perfect or sinless.

Sin is sin and the sooner we accept that, we can quit playing the blame game.

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