I have read so many articles about Christians in foreign countries being hungry for the word of God. They soak up every second, make huge life altering changes just to be able to worship. Most have to worship in secret and cannot even own a Bible, they memorize Scriptures. The threat of beating, torture and even death do not keep them from worshipping. These countries are sending missionaries to the United States. I have so much respect for the members of the underground Church.

I live in a country where we have freedom to worship. Freedom to proudly display our Christianity. What are people doing with that freedom? Are they inconveniencing their lives at all to serve the Lord? Do they take advantage of every opportunity given to them to grow their relationship and gather together for worship? Are they hungry?

We take for granted the freedoms given to us. If it does not directly impact our lives, we are not concerned. We worship when we want, how we want and we do not want to have to wait.

What would happen if you lost your freedom to worship? Would that make you hungry for God? Would you regret all the time you wasted not serving God?

Today is the day to worship the Lord. Today is the day to start over. Today is the day to be thankful for your freedom to worship. We should all strive to be hungry and soak up every second we get to spend with our Lord.

To the Underground Church, keep the faith, you are in my prayers.

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