A Life Changed

In John 5, Jesus comes to a pool called Bethesda. This is where those with infirmities gathered waiting to be healed. There was a man there who had an infirmity for thirty-eight years. Jesus asks him an interesting question “Do you want to be made well?”. The Scripture does not say how long the man had been there at the pool, but from his response, I imagine that he had been there awhile. He tells Jesus that he has no one to put him in the pool and others get there before him.

He does not answer the question, but offers Jesus an excuse. Maybe he thought he was not able to do anything else besides sit by the pool and beg. Maybe he had been in this situation for so long, he really did not want change. The Scripture does not say. If he was healed, then he would have to live differently. He would not live by the pool any longer.

Have you ever been in this situation? When we pray for our circumstances or situations to change, do we really want that change? Change means that we would have to live differently. Change means that we are without excuse. You have to decide do you want real change or do you want to keep holding on to where you are.

When God answers your prayer, what will you do then? Will you walk the road of faith with Him or will you make excuses? Will you focus on what you cannot do instead of what God can do through you? Do you want to be made well spiritually, physically, mentally? Do you want God to fix your broken places?

If you read into verse eight, you see that Jesus told the man to rise, take up his bed and walk and he was healed.

God has a life waiting for you. A road of faith to for you to walk. No more excuses. Be a life changed.

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