What A Friend

Some people have a massive number of friends. Some could count their friends on one hand. Think for a minute how many friends that will hold your secrets. That you can tell them anything. These friends will always have your back. They will stand beside you in times of trouble. Laugh with you in times of joy. Be your listening ear and your watchful eye.

That number reduces significantly. Most friends see each other out and talk, like social media posts, go out to dinner, get together on the weekends, call or text. But very few will walk with you through anything. Mainly because we all have our own lives and are dealing with pretty much the same things.

We want to be good friends. We want to be there for each other. We get wrapped up in our own responsibility and fail to see someone hurting or someone needing an encouraging word. Life is busy. This world will keep you spinning, if you allow it. There will always be something else to do.

Take a look at Jesus. He is the ultimate picture of a friend. He listens, He comforts, He guides, He walks beside you, He keeps all your secrets, He laughs with you. Jesus is always there. If you need a friend to turn to, something that will love you no matter what, be there no matter what, then turn to Jesus. He is waiting to have a relationship with you.

If you want to be a better friend, love someone like Jesus does. Look at them through the eyes of Jesus. Strive every day to be a friend like Jesus. Make the decision that people are more important than your schedule or your timing. Carve out time each day to do one nice thing for someone else and expect nothing in return.

A life with Jesus, true friendship. What a friend we have in Jesus.

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