Take It To God

Life can be overwhelming and painful at times. Situations, circumstances and people can make us want to give up. Know that you are not alone. This world may be cold and bitter, but you can find peace and joy in the Lord.

One such situation in the Bible was Hannah. Her story shows such grace in the face of adversity. Hannah was not able to conceive a child, which was an important role of a wife during these times. Her husband’s other wife (Peninnah) provoked Hannah to the point of anguish and tears because she was barren.

Instead of retaliating for the grief that Peninnah put Hannah through, she instead took her petitions to the Lord. She showed Peninnah grace upon grace. Once Hannah cast her burdens on the Lord, she was no longer sad and defeated. She had no way of knowing what came next in her story, but she trusted God and found peace and comfort in Him.

You can read about Hannah in the book of 1 Samuel. Hannah bore a son and named him Samuel. Hannah did not forget that the Lord was with her in her sorrow and the vow she made to the Lord. She dedicated her son Samuel to the Lord. Samuel stayed with Eli the priest and began his ministry. Hannah rejoiced in the Lord. If you read on in the Bible, you will see that Samuel became a great prophet and Hannah was blessed with more children.

Hannah could have let her pain and overwhelming situation derail her service for the Lord. Instead, she stood firm in her faith and leaned on the Lord. We can find peace, comfort, joy and love in our relationship with God. He wants you to bring your petitions to Him. To cast your cares and burdens on Him. Once you turn it over to the Lord, do not pick it back up again.

Take everything to God in prayer. Walk faithfully with the Lord and keep moving forward.

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